Wiblocks --- FAQ


How much current does my ZB1/NB1x/NB2x draw?


The current drawn is dependent on the loading of the 3.3V pin, the microcontroller outputs and the peripheral outputs.
An easy way to measure the amount of current that your ZB1/NB1x/NB2x uC board is drawing is to wire a current meter in series with the voltage regulator. The output of the voltage regulator is connected to pin one of J9. The input of the uC board circuitry is connected to pin two of J9. For normal operation there is shunt jumper that connects pin one and two. Remove the shunt and place the positive lead of the current meter to pin one and the negative lead to pin two. This will give you the current out of the regulator.

Since this current measurement is only the current out of the regulator it does not include the quiescent current of the regulator. The quiescent current of the MC33269 is approximately 6mA.