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ZB1-PB1 Prototyping Board

The ZB1-PB1, which works with the ZB1 and NB1, is being replaced with the NB1A-PB1. The NB1A-PB1 works with the ZB1, NB1 and NB1A.

All of the ZB1-PB1 kits are on sale for $15. The kits are $10 if purchased with a ZB1-KIT or NB1-KIT. The sale lasts until all of the PCBs are gone.

The ZB1-PB1 prototyping board (right) is designed for creating TH and SMD ciruitry to attach to a ZB1. For more information see the ZB1-PB1 datasheet.



Part Number Description Price | Qty

ZB1-PB1-KIT datasheet Prototyping board kit for ZB1 and NB1 15.00USD |  1

ZB1-PB1-KIT Component List

Item Number Quantity Description

1 3 capacitor, ceramic, 0.1uF, 10%, 50V, X7R
2 3 LED, T1, Green
3 2 diode, 1N4148
4 1 header, female, RA, 13x2, 100mils
5 3 resistor, 220 Ohm, 1/4W, 1%

6 2 resistor, 10K, 1/4W, 1%
7 2 resistor, 330K, 1/4W, 1%
8 2 pushbutton
9 1 IC, logic, hex inverter, schmitt, DIP
10 1 DIP Socket, 14 Pin, 300mil centers

11 1 wiblock_ZB1-PB1-PCB