Wiblocks --- Accessories -- Blocks


These blocks are used to mount a co-planar system of boards. Each block is milled to accept a specific board. In the examples shown the left block accepts a ZB1 board, the center block an LCD interface and the right block a power source.

The blocks slide together to mate the boards. Alignment pins can be added to wood blocks to insure that the connectors are aligned properly. The alignment pins also create a single rigid assembly after the blocks are mated.

All of the accessories are custom made although there are usually a small number of oak bases (for the ZB1 + LCD + battery source) in stock. For pricing and delivery please contact jluciani AT gmail.com

About the Wood

All of the wood used is reclaimed. The Oak and Norway Maple were harvested from local trees that were discarded. The Mahogany is from construction scraps.