Wiblocks --- POWER

50W LED Driver

The LED-DRV-50W is a single channel, 24V input, 50W output boost converter designed to drive 15 series 1A LEDs. The converter has an efficiency of 95% when driven from a 24VDC. The circuit also has a PWM input and an OPENLED output. Connection to the board is through poke-in connectors and 18AWG solid or stranded wires.

ZB1 Li-ion Charger

The ZB1-LI-ION design is a Li-ion battery chargers that is compatible with the ZB1, NB1 and NB1A. Each charger outputs a regulated 3.3VDC using either the battery, USB port or the wall adapter.

The USB port and wall adapter are diode or'ed onto the input voltage bus (VBUS). The three position toggle switch connects the input of the 3.3V LDO to either the battery or VBUS. The OFF position is in the center. The output of the 3.3V LDO connects to the external voltage input connector of the microcontroller board.