iblocks --- IB125-ZB -- ATmega328 + ZigBee + RTC

IB125-ZB Microcontroller Board

The IB125-ZB is an Arduino Zero compatible board that features the SAMD21J (ARM Cortex M0+), a ZigBee radio (Telegesis ETRX357), real-time clock and a 5V to 3.3V switching regulator. Included with the IB125-ZB is a three slot backplane (IB125-BP) with a prototyping area.


IB-BP Backplane for IB-125

The IB-BP is a three slot backplane for the IB125-xx series boards. The backplane features buses for +24V, +12V, -12V and 3.3V. The USB +5V and regulated voltages from the connected IB125-xx boards can be jumpered to the buses. The backplane dimensions are 3.65" x 1.6".