Wiblocks --- FAQ


What tools and supplies do you recommend?


Basic Tools

The table below lists a basic set of tools for constructing circuits using thru-hole components. For SMD circuits a different soldering iron would be preferable. Also additional tools like a magnifying lamp and tweezers are required.

Most of the component distributors carry tools (All • New • Digi • Mouse). A couple of other sources -- HMC Electronics and Jameco

Qty Description Mfg / Mfg PN Price (Est)
1Soldering IronWeller WES51 (Newark)$99
Weller WESD51 (HMC)$129
Hakko 936ESD
1Smoke AbsorberWeller WSA350 (HMC)$54
5Smoke Absorber FiltersWeller WSA350F (3-pack)$5.50
1Vise Base MountPanavise 308$29
1Vise BasePanavise 305
1Vise JawsPanavise 366
1CuttersCooper "Xcelite" 170M cutter$6
1Wire StripperIdeal T-6 16-26AWG$11
1Wire StripperIdeal T-8 8-16AWG$11
1X-Acto KnifeX-Acto x3201 No. 1
1X-Acto BladesX-Acto x411 No. 11 Fine Point Blade
1Needle Nose Pliers
1Lead FormerJameco 801$5
1MeterExtech EX330 Multimeter (HMC)$55


Qty Description Mfg / Mfg PN
1Solder (Sn/Pb)Kester 24-6337-6422
2Flux PenKester 2331-ZX Water Soluble
2Solder WickChemtronics 5-25L
1Solder WickChemtronics 10-25L
1Wrist Strap3M 2214
1Anti-static Mat3M 8214
124AWG WireAlpha 5854/7 BL005 100ft 24AWG Blue Wire, Teflon
124AWG Bus WireAlpha 299 SV005

Advanced Tools

These tools and supplies are for doing custom circuits not kits.
Description Mfg / Mfg PN
Soldering IronMetcal SP200-11
Soldering Iron TipSSC-754A 30 deg bend, 20mil wide
Vector BoardVector 169P84WE (unclad)
Vector 169P84WEC1 (one side copper)
Vector 169P84WEC2 (two sides copper)
ClipsVector T42-1 Clips
Insertion ToolVector P149 insertion tool
PinsVector K24A Push pins
Bus WireAlpha 299/3 SV005 30AWG
Bench SupplyExtech Power Supply 382213
MagnifierLuxo 17113, KRM Series, 3 diopter lense
Magnifying VisorBausch & Lomb 81-42-00 With 3 Lenses 1.8x, 2.2x, 2.6x Magnification Power