Wiblocks --- PICO-LED Drill Templates

PICO-LED Drill Templates

Drill Templates

A drill template for the PICO1TR-LED-L is available. The template is designed to provide a center mark for all mounting holes, control components and indicators. The center is indicated by a gap between the cross-hairs.

An easy way to drill multiple wood panels is to gang together the panels and drill them all at the same time on a drill press. I mill each panel to between 1/4" and 3/8", band them together and then drill the group. To prevent blow-out of the bottom panel place a sacrificial panel underneath.

To use the template to drill a wood panel --
  1. Print out the postscript file containing the template.
  2. Verify the print is 1:1 using the board measurements.
  3. Tape the template to a block of wood.
  4. Use a push-pin to mark the center of each hole.
  5. Drill the hole to the desired dimension. The diameters indicated on the print are ≈ 10mils larger than the nominal dimension of the component.

The First Case

The prototype case was milled from a two-inch glue-up consisting of a 3/8" maple top and a 1 5/8" oak bottom. A cavity was milled in the bottom of the block to accept a PICO1TR and PICO1TR-LED-L combination. There are 64 LED holes, four mounting holes and one hole for the potentiometer.